November 19, 2019 DigitalMako

Build Brand Awareness with Snapchat Geofilters?


Snapchat has become omnipresent in the past few years. Every other person is now well-aware of Snapchat by either using the dog-ears or flower-crowns themselves or seeing a family member use it, hardly anyone would be unknown to the role Snapchat plays in our lives now. Snapchat allows user to share everyday experience with friends and family in a pictorial form. Snapchat offers geofilters that are being used increasingly by businesses to engage with customers and increase their brand awareness. Not only will your existing customers enjoy the opportunity to take photos using your Geofilter but these photos will help you capture hearts of new customers.

What exactly is a Snapchat Geofilter?

Snapchat geofilters allows users to flaunt their location with a chic photo template that normally displays the name and logo of a particular brand or business. Users adore these templates because they are short-lived and is a creative way to share daily life activities. Businesses love them because they are an excellent and fun way to alleviate brand recognition and spread the word about sales and other upcoming events.

What benefits does Snapchat geofilters offer to businesses?

Not only these snapchat filters are fun for Snapchat users, they offer exceeded benefit to businesses. Geofilters help you enhance your brand recognition while increasing reach to current and potential customers. Research claims that customer is more likely to buy a product if they have already heard about it or read about it. With good brand recognition, your bottom-line will increase alongside your brand awareness.

The cost of geofilters is based on different aspects including location and time. The size of the geofilter, the length and the demand in your location, all play an important role in the advertisement’s final price. The basic design can be created on the Snapchat app whereas to present a more creative and personalized filter, a designer can be deployed to create a filter that suits your brand the best.

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