December 17, 2019 DigitalMako

Your Blog Should be an SEO Machine!


If you run a blog, high chances are that you are already well aware of the importance of business blogging in today’s turbulent marketplace. But do you know how to make your blog posts into a SEO machine?

As a matter of fact, more than 80% of the blogs just sit idle on the internet with zero visitors. There might not be anything wrong with the content itself, but it is just not enough for people to show up and read. The problem, however, might be the invitations you send, and the fact that your blog is not as search engine friendly as it should be. Smart SEO techniques will not take.


Here’s how you can turn your blog into a SEO machine:

  • Focus on less long-tail keywords

The key to ensure maximum visibility is not stuffing with keywords but value away from your blog but will ensure that your hard work gets maximum exposure.

focusing attention on 1 or 2 main keywords. This will help content be focused on a clear goal. The usage of long-tail keywords ensure that you are thinking out of the box and providing readers with exactly what they are looking for. The 4 best places to deploy long-tail keywords are heading and sub-heading, main body, meta description and URL.

  • Mobile-friendly blog

Google researched and concluded that majority of the searches are now performed via mobile phones than desktops. It is extremely important to make your blog mobile-friendly not only for its own sake but for effective SEO as well. Take time to ensure that your blog is easily readable from mobile and doesn’t have any glitches.

  • Meta-description optimization

Meta description is the text that appears in SERPs, that gives the reader a bird’s eye view about the blog.  This is the text that allows people to decide whether your content is what they are looking for. Make your meta description relevant, compelling and include the long-tail keywords for better optimization.

Busy routine and can’t keep up with blog posting optimization? Worry not, we have got you covered. provides smart and effective digital marketing solutions and can help you get more prominent position on the search engine results.

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