January 21, 2020 DigitalMako

Want Advertising that Wins? Go Programmatic.


Advertisers and marketing professionals are always on the outlook for the next big trend in the market. The key is to introduce the next big concept before competitors. The newest trend in digital display advertising is programmatic buying i.e. data-based, targeted and automatic ads placements and marketers are investing heavily in this newly discovered concept. A research shows that programmatic is already attracting greater segment of the ad market and is here to take the market by storm.

The power of programmatic advertising is not a secret anymore to the marketers. As much as 96% are already deploying it to purchase display ads. In 2017, 66% of digital display ads were bought programmatically. Programmatic advertising will witness more than $46 billion spending only in U.S. this year. This marks as a $10 billion increase from last year. Forecasts shows that about 82.5% of all US digital display ads will be bought using automated channels by the end of 2018.


Why your brand needs programmatic advertising

 There are a number of reasons why your brand requires programmatic advertising. Let’s look at major benefits of creating your first campaign.

  • Focused targeting

One of the main benefits of deploying programmatic advertising is that it allows you to laser-target your audience. 76%, from a survey, said that focused-targeting is the thing they loved best about programmatic advertising.

  • Increased ROI

Programmatic advertising deploys artificial intelligence (AI).  It is highly-targeted, multi-channeled and deploys AI, implying that any marketer who uses programmatic advertising enjoys massive return on investment. Provided you are using the right tools at the right time, it gets much easier to increase the viability of your programmatic advertising campaign.

  • Multi-channeled

Programmatic advertising provides you access to a large inventory of different ad networks and ad exchanges. Ads can be run in several formats including the media-rich ads that are personalized. The most selling part is you can advertise on mobile, desktops, mobile, tablets, apps, in-videos, and pretty much anywhere you want.

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