February 18, 2020 DigitalMako

Who Uses Infographics Anyway?


The future of digital marketing is all about simplifying the content and using visual graphics to convey the message in a clear and concise manner. In this regard, infographics has been at the top of the game for most firms. Infographics, in literal terms, is a form of content marketing through which you can turn a complexed matter into a simplified and eye-catching experience. You see a fair share of infographics online on a daily basis, as they are visually engaging and contain relatable and worthy facts.

Why are infographics worthy of sharing?

The best part of infographics is that it allows complex information to be presented quickly and clearly, similar to maps, charts, signs and facts. In this turbulent market today, being able to apprehend information in a span of seconds is imperative to the success of any campaign since the attention span of an individual is 8 seconds. With infographics, the main aim is to capture the attention of people in a matter of seconds and provide them with link worthy and share worthy information.

Reasons why should you use infographics in your digital marketing strategy

  • It possesses the potential to go viral. Infographics are more likely to be shared than other plain text content. Infographics tend to be portable and embeddable as
  • With a creatively designed infographic with your logo and business name embedded on it, you are most likely to increase brand awareness and help your brand become prominent. This way, people will start knowing more about your business and the product and will, in turn, increase the bottom-line of the organization.
  • Infographics means people will refer back to your site. Google will then rank your website higher as your site benefits from these backlinks. This will increase your visibility in front of potential customers and will encourage greater lead-to-conversion rate. If done correctly, infographics can help your website appear in online searches more frequently.

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