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Case Studies

For the last 5 years, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the biggest companies in the country (and a few in the world). However, because of the sensitive nature of these relationships and campaigns, we’re limited in the case studies that we can detail online. We know the proof is in the pudding! So, here are a few recipes that we can actually share on how make the best pudding in the industry.

COMPANY OVERVIEW: Telemundo is an American Spanish-language TV network owned by Comcast/NBCUniversal. It’s the 2nd largest provider of Spanish-language content nationally, with worldwide syndicated  programming to more than 100 countries.

CHALLENGE: Several of their local affiliate stations needed to increase the amount of website traffic & unique visitors to their websites so that they could charge more for advertising space on their local Telemundo station websites.

OUR SOLUTION: After a deep-dive into each local affiliate station’s social media & website analytics we were able to identify the specific types of content that triggered higher amounts of engagement and conversions than the one’s that didn’t. We developed local talent contests for teens where users would have to vote weekly for their favorite contestant.

RESULTS: The weekly vote, and subsequent social media conversations around user’s favorite contestants, triggered an increase in social engagement of 263% (comments, shares, likes, etc.). We also increased unique visitor traffic to the local market websites by an average of 47% for the next 8 weeks. This ultimately allowed the affiliate stations to increase revenue through the sale of sponsorships and ad space for similar contest campaigns that were run shortly thereafter.

COMPANY OVERVIEW: Quest Workspaces is a multi-million dollar organization that provides businesses with professional workspaces from Coral Gables to Wall Street.

CHALLENGE: QuestWorkspaces was looking for a way to generate new leads more effectively, and at a lower cost, than the platforms they had been advertising on.

OUR SOLUTION: So, we recommended running a short-term digital display campaign across a variety of search engines networks and social media platforms. We developed an eye-popping creative that captured the essence of not only their Brickell office space, but also the big city atmosphere surrounding it. We drove users who clicked on the ads to a unique landing page that we developed so that users were encouraged to hyper-focus on the opportunities that we were presenting.

RESULTS: Within 1 week they began receiving solid leads (people actually setting up in-person tours. After only 3 weeks we were able to generate a lead that turned into a client. When all was said and done, we were able to generate more than an 830% Return on Investment for the client. Not too shabby.

COMPANY OVERVIEW: TMPL is the world famous, personal fitness training mogul David Barton’s latest gym/fitness project based in NYC.

CHALLENGE: David Barton needed to quickly develop high end landing page (like, 48 hours quick) and needed to increase the engagement the business was receiving through its digital display campaign efforts (social media & PPC).

OUR SOLUTION: Within 24 hours we developed a dynamic, lead-generating landing page and integrated robust digital analytic systems so that we could track all relevant KPI’s (key performance indicators). This allowed us to create robust profiles of what the users that were clicking on the ads looked like and optimize our efforts accordingly. In addition, we design new ad creatives that were more dynamic and visually stimulating.

RESULTS: We increased the campaign’s CTR (click-thru rates) by 24% through our efforts. This also led to an increase in generated leads and, ultimately, a dramatic increase of roughly 94% in ROI (return on investment).

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