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Influencer Marketing

Gone are the days where your business could afford to ignore how popular and critically important social media is to promoting your products or services. And while Facebook was probably king of all social media platforms when you first heard about social media, that is no longer the case, as Instagram  reached the ridiculous milestone of 1 billion monthly users almost 2 years ago.

If your product or service targets internet users between the ages of 18-29, Instagram is ridiculously relevant if your business intends on targeting a younger demographic. The Instagram explosion has also led to a slightly new variation of spokesperson marketing. Years ago, companies would hire famous spokespeople, famous athletes, and actors/actresses to market their products or services to people who liked, or were attracted to the famous individuals body of work. They provided instant credibility to the business who hired them.

So, it’s no surprise that many people, with the power of social media, have begun creating content in the hopes of gaining social media followers and eventually leveraging their influence within their social media community to sell products or services to their followers. Because Instagram (IG) is highly visual and an ideal medium for product promotion, businesses are rapidly learning that by partnering with social media influencers to showcase their product(s) across highly niche audiences, they can achieve dramatic marketing and sales advantages.

Influencer marketing agencies provide an important service to brands wanting to partner with influencers on Instagram. They provide valuable assistance to busy companies, too time-strapped or inexperienced to run influencer marketing campaigns in-house. They assist brands through every stage of the influencer marketing process, including influencer discovery, influencer management, content creation, and analyzing and reporting a campaign’s success.

We work with a variety of social media influencers, leveraging their unique audiences to showcase our client’s products and services to audiences that have a high likelihood of interest in the brand. Influencer marketing can get pricey, but VERY FEW campaigns generate higher returns on investment (ROI) than social media influencer campaigns. By targeting an audience that has already opted in to engage with a specific type of content, you can expect to convert sales at a much higher rate than other traditional marketing campaigns.

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